How to Increase Conversion Rate In Sales


A leaky funnel: Every advertisers’ headache! If you’ve got good traffic with high bounce rates, then optimizing your marketing strategy should be your first priority.

Here is how you can increase your conversion rate in sales.

Improve your sales scripting

This means I’m assuming you already have a sales script. If you don’t, gather your top salespeople and record them performing a mock sales presentation. Transcribe that performance and convert it into a sales script that the rest of your salespeople can depend on.

Remember to test different parts of that sales script and highlight those that create an impact on your conversion rate.

This will help positively influence your conversion rate in two ways:

  • Develop an effective sales script that converts
  • Your sales script will be a backup plan in case you lost a key sales person

Introduce a sense of urgency

Otherwise known as “Fear of Loss,” introducing a sense of urgency is one of the best marketing tactics to spark action.

With all the confidence in the world, any advertiser will tell you that sex sells. However, I’m here to tell you that sex doesn’t sell. It just grabs attention. What actually sells has to do with 2 primary incentives: (1) fear of loss, and (2) desire for gain.

Most advertisers, however, opt for the wrong incentive. Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman did an experiment in which they tested how people make decisions that involve risk.

The scenarios were as follows: 

Group A: Say you’ve been given $1000 and need to choose between 

  • A sure gain of $500
  • A 50% chance to gain $1000 and a 50% chance to gain nothing.

Group B: say you’ve been given $2000 and need to choose between 

  • A sure loss of $500
  • A 50% chance to lose $1000 and a 50% chance to lose nothing.

Both situations are similar when considering the net financial benefit to the subjects. The results were staggering.

The majority of group A opted for the $500 sure gain. On the other hand, most group B members chose the gamble between a 1000-dollar loss and losing nothing.

But why?

The secret lies in the framing of the language: loss vs gain. Simply put, people are willing to run big risks to avoid losses than their will to gain.

Offer a money-back guarantee

Are you certain your product or service will deliver on its promise if correctly used? Then, put yourself on the line by guaranteeing results.

While the money-back guarantee is neither a new strategy nor is it progressive, its benefits still hold to this day.

Does the risk of providing clients a get-away card overshadow the PR benefits?

Some think the negatives associated with it can result in disastrous outcomes. Conventional wisdom, however, suggests that because so many businesses have been doing this for more than 3 centuries, it must be working.

Here are some benefits of money-back guarantee:

  • Provides an incentive to buy
  • Sets you apart from your competitors
  • Projects trustworthiness
  • Enhances Customer Service

Blogging and Social networking

Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that your viewers will likely share on their social feed. This will not only help expand your viewership, but also build authority in your niche.

This way, people will begin to trust your brand and see the need to check what you have to offer. Remember, people buy from brands they trust and can relate to. Blogs help nurture that relationship. 

If you’re thinking about blogging more, consider the following questions:

  • What do you value most? What do you stand for?
  • What’s your vision? Where do you see yourself 3, 5, and 10 years from now?
  • What would you consider as intriguing?
  • What would your target audience consider as intriguing?
  • What are common areas between you and your audience?

Blogs and social networking are great platforms to ask questions and engage with your followers. They’re not spaces where you create something and forget about it. You’ve got to read and respond to comments as often as possible. If you can’t, then think about hiring a social media manager.

The importance of PPC campaigns

Businesses need results and they want them yesterday. A Pay-Per-Click campaign is probably one of the quickest ways to run a marketing campaign.

If you already have a website set up, you can create a Google AdWords account, create your ad campaigns, and launch them on Google network. It’s that simple!

With PPC campaigns, everything you do can be tracked, measured, and analyzed. This includes costs, clicks, views, conversions, and more.

Having this data will provide you with penetrating insight which you can use to target the right audience and create significant impact.


According to the 2020 Customer Experience Trends Report, today businesses manage 3 times more customer data than they did 5 years ago. With such massive access to information about leads and clients, businesses can now provide top-notch-quality service.

CRM softwares can have a significant impact on your business operations. Who wouldn’t want automation of admin tasks? After all, sales reps can use that time with customers. But more than that, sales managers can oversee and lead their teams towards more productive outcomes.

As a streamlined system for your client data, CRM softwares facilitate the process of lead nurturing and deal closures. The software automates tasks which will enable your salespeople to connect with leads and customers.

Use social proof at your conversion points

Social proof plays a significant role in executing a landing page strategy that works. Customers buy products and services that make them feel good about themselves.

Using social proof in the form of testimonials, product reviews, company logos, and certain icons, you’re showcasing why users should trust you.

Remember, social proofs can trigger different emotions depending on which ones you choose to display. Planned with proper care and attention, you can spark desired actions.


Clients have moved past old-fashioned interruption marketing – and companies have some catching up to do. Turn visits into sales with genuine content and helpful tools.

Your clients are your most valuable advocates. Making their voices heard boosts your brand recognition and creates a stronger bond in the process.

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