12 Clever Social Media Promotion Ideas Content Writers aren’t Using


Do you have a social media account that is constantly suffering from weak performance?

If that’s the case, then your social media strategy is probably lacking some social media promotion ideas.

Social networks are one of the most effective places to build your brand recognition and get more clients, because you’re not only targeting your prospects with bull’s-eye precision, but they can also send qualified traffic to your freelance website.

Here are 12 social media promotion ideas that you’re probably not using.

Complete your profile

Your social media profile holds your most important business information. That’s where your audiences go when they seek more details. To better execute your social media promotion, you can’t afford to leave any unchecked boxes.

But what type of information will you need to provide?

Depending on the platform, the details you need to give may vary, but they all have these in common:

  • Brand name
  • Profile picture
  • Cover picture
  • Location
  • Website link
  • An “About Me” box to provide a short description about your writing business
  • Links to other social media accounts

Support your social media posts with branded hashtags

Branded hashtags might be one of the best ways for your social media promotion. Whether you’re doing a promotion, a new service launch, or a sponsored event, you can boost your brand awareness considerably with proper branded hashtag use.

Authenticity is key! Come up with hashtags that appeal to your target users, but remain authentic. This will require some in-depth research and a lot of back-and-forth.

Before you land on a final short list, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your branded hashtags in line with your writing business goals?
  • Do you hope to boost your sales or promote awareness to a coming event?
  • What would be the most effective Call-to-Action for that business goal?

Cross-promote your social media accounts on other channels

I can’t stress cross-promotion high enough. If you’re not cross-promoting your social media accounts on other channels, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.

Social media cross-promotion doesn’t require any ad spend and keeps your followers more engaged with your brand.

So, how can you go about this?

  • Include Social Tabs on your Facebook Page. Users can click these tabs and view posts from your other social accounts.
  • Cross-promote with a brand you’ve partnered with. Look for a non-competitor and cross-promote each other’s social posts. These partners might be other independent contractors, non-profit organizations, or influencers.

Project consistency by designing branded social icons on your site

When users land on your website, you need to project two important vibes: Consistency and simplicity.

On the one hand, your entire digital presence (website and social media) needs to be in line with your brand identity. And on the other, make it simple for your visitors to find your social accounts.

A lot of website themes provide social media icons to make you easily recognizable. But don’t stop there, add your brand’s graphics and color palettes to those icons.

Take advantage of newsletters and email signatures space to promote your social media accounts

For businesses that send newsletters regularly, it’s wise to insert social media handles at the end. This way, you’re suggesting other ways for your users to engage with your brand.

Almost every email-signature service provides an option where you can add links to your social media accounts. This is another opportunity.

Create targeted ads

If you’ve heard anything about Facebook advertising, then you know how extensive it can be. They’re so good at targeting their prospects to the extent that you’d think they’re stalking you!

You can achieve paid search marketing by targeting a specific set of keywords users search for. Facebook advertising, however, depends on finding prospects who are most likely to engage with your brand, i.e. either following it or making a purchase.

Use these targeting options to adequately profile your prospects and boost your services.

Tag products to your social media posts

If your content writing business already has a Facebook Page, use the Shopping template. This will unlock the tag-product option. From there on, you can tag your services to your Facebook posts.

How does this work, though? The steps are basic.

  • Upload an image/video illustrating a business
  • Click on the Tag Products icon
  • Tag your services with their respective titles to bridge them with your Facebook Shop
  • Done.

Use the social discounts technique to boost sales

The science behind social discounts technique is fairly basic. If your users want to get the service, they have to share the link to the service on social networks. The alternative is to pay the usual freelance rate.

This technique works even when a business is just starting out with no connections and no budget.

Promote your social presence with contests and giveaways

If you’ve spent any time on a social network, you’ve probably come across a social media contest. Contests are an amazing way to increase brand awareness and bond with your audience.

If you provide giveaways the right way, you’ll be able to build a strong following. Easy giveaways will entice users to get in and are highly engaging.

Adjust your content approach according to target networks

Real talk. Creating the same content for every social network is just plain lazy and won’t do you any good.


It’s simple, really. Your Facebook audience is not the same as your LinkedIn audience. They have different expectations in terms of copy, visuals, and tone.

Go back to your Customer Persona and re-examine it. Experiment with your copy tone and filter the effective approaches from those that aren’t.

Encourage employee advocacy on social media

Many businesses overlook one of their most valuable potential marketing assets: Their own employees.

Employee advocacy is when team members promote their own company. This plays a significant role in the social media marketing strategy of a content writing business.

Here’s are some thoughts:

  • Train employees by providing helpful tips
  • Answer the “what’s in it for me?”
  • Make it easy for employees to share your content
  • Measure the impact

Create a referral program

Give your repeat customers referral codes and reward with discounts, provided the referral buys something. When the program is ready to launch, announce it on your social networks. Remember that creating and supporting such programs takes time, patience, and some trial-and-error. But the reward is going to be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Your social media promotion efforts would go nowhere if you don’t measure your performance. So, be sure to set up the right KPIs to track what’s working and what’s not in the most accurate way possible.

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