Monthly Career Checklist For Freelancers


Did you feel it?

You had an entire month passing you by. Is your business in the same spot it was four weeks ago?

We frequently have lofty goals and aspirations for how our business will expand at the beginning of the month (or year, or week, or day). However, we’re often so preoccupied with client work and the day-to-day tasks of running a business and a life that we neglect to prioritize business growth and professional development.

Another month has passed with unfinished tasks and your business still in the same state as before. It all goes by so fast! It’s understandable that many of us struggle to accommodate those activities into our schedules.

If you can focus on just one or two things every month to grow your freelance business, you’ll be making great progress.

However, you may be unsure about where to focus your efforts in order to grow your business. There are several things you could do, but where do you start? Perhaps you’re doing great things for your business but aren’t recognizing it. Perhaps all you need is a place to keep note of your accomplishments and stop beating yourself up. Yeah?

The Monthly Career Checklist is here to help you stay on track, stay focused, and slowly (or not so slowly) take over the world.

Each item on the list is intended to help you improve your business process, promote your business, or increase revenue. Choose one or two and focus on finishing them this month. Next month, add two more, and focus on them, and so one.

Remember to write down what you’re most proud of this month in the last line. Take some time to appreciate how far you’ve come.

Get it right here. Save it. Print it out. Keep it in your top-secret binder or hang it above your desk. Dominate.

Question: What would you add to the monthly checklist to help you move your business forward?

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