Why Most Advice On Getting Clients Is Nonesense (and what to do instead)


Getting clients might be really hard at times. Especially when you’re just getting started.

It can be difficult to know where to find people willing to pay you to do what you do if you don’t have a large network of referral jobs coming your way. So, what do you do when you’re in this situation?

Obviously, you Google it.

How to Find Freelance Work

There are a billion websites and courses out there that will teach you how to start your freelance business, whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, coach, designer, or whatever. They’ll help you find clarity on your brand’s mission, develop your unique voice and style, identify your ideal clients, and possibly briefly mention building a client base. They provide hazy advice on how to use social media and SEO to generate traffic to your freelance website, or how hiring a website designer would get you clients, or how creating a blog is the solution!

That’s all there is to it: hire a web designer, start a blog, and use SEO. Also, consider self-publishing on Kindle to look like an expert. Now that you have a freelance business, you can quit your job and start making it rain!

If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that doing these things on your own won’t make you any money – at least not right away.

The problem is that most of these postings never explain how to make money. They lay the groundwork for what you need (vision, brand, website) but never get into the specifics of how to make it happen. So you build a website, modify your brand, and sit back and wait for potential clients to come in.

But all I hear are crickets…

It’s because that advice is a load of hogwash, folks. “Build it, and they’ll come.” has never been true. Please bear with me…

Everything about the foundation is fantastic. It’s critical to develop your online presence with a brand that is completely unique to you. It’s critical to have a vision and understand why you’re working. In addition, social media and SEO are excellent long-term marketing strategies. However, in most circumstances, simply completing these things won’t result in landing clients. Even if you don’t mind waiting for them (because you have a vault full of gold like Harry Potter and this freelance business is simply a lovely way to pass the time? ), you could be waiting a long time for someone to really open up their pocketbook for you, even if they found you online.

So, what exactly should you be doing to get clients?

Most freelancer marketing advice is useless. Here’s how to get started to get more clients.

If you want clients soon – like right now – you must do more than merely drive traffic to your website. You need to actually TALK TO PEOPLE. And you must work hard.

(In real life, I don’t have a website or a lovely brand to look at for my freelance business while I’m rebranding, but I’ve managed to bring in 5 new clients in the last month.)

I know it sounds insane. But this stuff works.

5 steps to help in getting clients

Step 1: Go out and find the people you wish to collaborate with.

Visit Facebook groups, Reddit or Quora forums, networking events, Twitter chats, blog comment sections, and freelance job boards. Pay close attention to how they talk about their problems and that you can solve.

Step 2: Develop a solution to their problem and create a page for it on your website.

Use the language they used when discussing it. Make sure there is a simple way to hire you or buy the solution you’re selling on this page.

Step 3: Return to the folks you met in step 1 and join the discussions.

Be helpful rather than aggressive or salesy, and when the time comes, tell them about your solution and how you can help them.

Step 4: Don’t be scared to market your products or services to your network.

Inform everyone that you have a great new answer to their problem and that you have room for new clients.

Step 5: Get to work.

Start working on the project, collect testimonials from your new clients, ask if they know anyone else who could benefit, and then repeat.

Final thoughts

Taking action and talking to people about what they need will be more beneficial than simply creating a brand that matches your personality in terms of getting clients. All of those other things are important, but it’s the appropriate method to nurture relationships that will get you the job.

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