How to Tell People What You Do


It’s all over the place. During networking events. At conventions. In coffee shops. At family gatherings and friends’ weddings. From your parents, old college buddies, and prospective clients…

Everyone is curious… what do you do?

When you don’t have a regular job, describing what you do to others can be difficult. It’s not as simple as “I’m a nurse,” “I’m an electrician,” or “I’m a lawyer.”

And if you work for yourself, it adds another layer of confusion. “Do you mean you don’t have a job?” Ummm…

As a freelancer and business owner, you’ll be asked this question frequently, and you must be able to respond with clarity and confidence. Not only so that your parents stop pestering you about having a job, but also so that you can explain it to potential clients.

So, here’s how to confidently tell people what you do.

Step 1: K, What exactly do you do?

Do you like to write? Design? Code? Strategize? Copyedit? What exactly do you perform in terms of tasks and deliverables?

Step 2: Who are you helping?

Do you have any experience working with busy moms? New business owners? Want to reach a new audience as an author? Who are your allies?

Step 3: What problem are you aiming to solve?

How does “what you do (step 1)” transfer into “being of service to others?” What are you helping your clients with?

Step four: How would you like to be called?

Some people like the term freelancers, while others prefer consultant or entrepreneur. What you want to be called is entirely up to you, and it’s likely to be determined by what your potential clients are looking for when looking for people to hire.

Step 5: Put it all together!

Now put everything together in a logical order. As an example:

  • I’m a freelance graphic designer who helps new businesses attract customers by creating appealing visuals.
  • I’m a work-life balance coach who helps busy moms balance their time by teaching them to prioritize themselves first.
  • I’m a PR expert who helps writers and authors market and publicize their new books online.

It’s simple to grasp when broken down like that — even for your grandparents, who have no idea what you’re talking about. Now, you’re able to explain what you do to anyone who asks in one sentence. The puzzled expressions on people’s faces will be replaced by those of interest and respect!

If you can confidently and clearly deliver this one-liner, potential clients will be handing over business cards in waves!

So, rehearse your one-liner and use it the next time someone asks you “what do you do?” And repeat it, this time with zeal!

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