The #1 Mistake Freelancers Make When Pitching Clients


The proposal. The cover letter. The sales pitch. Whatever you want to name it, this is the piece of the puzzle that will either make or break your freelance business. Unless mastered, you will never close clients or get paid. RIP.­

When pitching clients, you don’t have to be this highly charismatic, natural-born salesperson to close clients. All you have to do is listen.

The most common mistake freelancers make when pitching clients is failure to listen.

When a client is looking for a freelancer, they usually have a pretty good idea of the type of work they want done. They understand what their business goals are and that they require the help of someone like you to achieve them. So, while looking for the perfect person to hire, they normally want to know three things:

  1. Can you get the job done?
  2. Can you deliver it on time?
  3. Can you work well together?

And voila! Most clients aren’t interested in your entire job history or what you studied in your third semester of college. They’re looking for someone to help them solve their challenges and grow their business.

So, how should you communicate these 3 points when pitching clients? Easy. Listen! When speaking with a potential client, pay close attention to what they’re looking for. Ask about their goals for your work. Inquire as to what they expect to achieve and within what timeframes. Find out whether they have any specific methods in mind for the job or if they want you to take the lead on problem-solving. And take notes.

People, taking notes during your discussions is a game changer! You’ll be able to use the same phrases that your potential client used in your call while writing out your proposal. When a client reads their own words, it will immediately resonate with them, and they’ll say, “She knows EXACTLY what I’m looking for.” “Where should I sign?”

Pay attention to what the client wants and express the value you bring to the table. You’ll win every time if you can answer those three simple questions in a way that they understand.

Start making space in your apartment to keep your piles of money.

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